Sunday, January 19

HAI :)


i dont know why but im feeling posting a new post today eventhough there is no one would like to read it, right ? Em after a few months or maybe almost a year i didnt post anything so, today here we go. Yeah!

Actually tomorrow i hve chemistry quiz but here im typing twitter-ing blogging "melagha-ing" Haha ada ke word melagha - ing tu ? Hentam saja lah labu. Rindu seh zaman aktif blogging masa form 3 form 4. Macam mana tah boleh terjebak dengan blogging. Ceh dulu kemain aktif edit html lah main theme itu ini, masuk lagu pesemua but now im a lazy girl. Oh bytheway sekarang dah nak 19! Omg im getting older day by day ahh. And mati memanggil manggil. Lumrah hidup yang kita takboleh nak tolak pon kan.

Hmm once, ive been dreaming bout being a doctor, saving other people. Then i start dreaming bout being a great dentist who keep others teeth white and clean and nice. Get to learn bout front teeth back teeth why this teeth like this, and why that teeth like that. Yaaa that was my dream and im still dreaming bout that. But hell yeah. Life gets tougher than i thought. Asasi life aint easy for such a lazy girl ESPECIALLY me. And lembab pickup again ESPECIALLY me :/ Hahaha so please, pray for me to get 4flatt. Yaa i know it seems impossible for me but please pray for me eh eh *muka merayu* 

Babai dentist im giving up on you
Theres nothing much i wanna share actually since i have a tons of work to do. Sorry and babai :)